boy ready for Nitrous Oxide during his appointmentWhatever level of anxiety or fear you might feel when you schedule a dentist appointment, Lovett Dental can help you have a relaxed, pleasant dental experience. We have skilled professionals on hand to administer nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas, to help lessen your anxiety during a dental procedure. Dental sedation is a safe, comfortable, and effective method to help you relax.

We can give you all the information you need to help you determine if sedation dentistry is the right choice. The administration of nitrous gas is an effective method that helps individuals who have a fear of dental procedures. We administer the laughing gas prior to the procedure so that you will be comfortable and relaxed during your visit. Our qualified sedation dentist can then perform the necessary dental care, and you maintain optimum oral health. Other services our dentists provide include:

What Is Laughing Gas or Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is an effective and safe sedation agent when mixed with oxygen. You inhale the mixture through a small mask fitted over your nose. It will help you relax. The dentist may propose using this method to ensure your comfort during certain dental procedures. You will not be asleep, so you will hear any questions or comments. You will be able to respond to directions or requests your dentist may have. If you suffer from excessive anxiety or fear of dental procedures, this method may be a very effective method to help you relax. In addition, some benefits include:

  • Relieves anxiety
  • Minimizes gag reflex
  • Avoids traumatic dental experience
  • Enables multiple procedures to be performed at the same visit
  • Is ideal for special needs

There are three key effects of this gas. It reduces pain, so the dental procedure won’t hurt. It will reduce your fear and anxiety. It creates some euphoria, which is why it’s called laughing gas. When your dentist administers the gas, he or she will ask you to breathe normally through your nose. After a few minutes, you will begin to feel the effects. You may feel a little tingling sensation in your legs and arms, or you may feel a little light-headed. Some people may feel the opposite feelings with their legs and arms feeling heavy. The dentist will administer a steady stream throughout the procedure because the effects wear off very soon after you take off the mask.

Using sedation dentistry will enable you to undergo procedures from a simple cleaning to more extensive dental work in comfort. Dental sedation can enhance the effectiveness of a local anesthetic and reduce the potential for gagging during the procedure. By reducing your anxiety, dental sedation can enable more treatment in less time, which can reduce the number of visits that are necessary.

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

Laughing gas has been used safely for many decades. The discovery of this gas happened more than 150 years ago, and it is one of the most common agents used in dental anesthetics. This method is effective and safe, and it is commonly used in pediatric dentistry. Unlike other methods of dental sedation, the effects of nitrous oxide are short-term. The gas will go to work immediately as you begin to breathe it in. However, once the mask comes off, the effects wear off within a few short minutes. In fact, this is the only method of sedation dentistry that allows you to drive yourself home after the procedure. You may eat within 12 hours.

If you are seeking a provider of dental sedation, then give us a call at Lovett Dental Katy. We have the experience and skilled professionals to help you relax in the dentist’s chair and receive the necessary care. Good oral health is a necessary component of your overall health. Don’t put off a visit to your dentist due to anxiety or fear. We are here to help you relax, feel comfortable, and meet your dental needs.

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