Are you looking for family dentistry services? Our family dental practice at Lovett Dental Katy offers a wide range of dental services for the whole family. You can rely on our professionals to care for you and your family, no matter what your dental needs are.

General Dentistryfamily receives family dentistry care

General dentistry is the foundation of good oral health. At Lovett Dental Katy, we support our patients by providing a comprehensive list of general dentistry services like:

For more information about our family dentistry services, please contact us today at 832.662.2852.

Emergency Family Dentistry in Texas

If you or a member of your family experiences a dental emergency, you can rest assured knowing that Lovett Dental Katy is ready to help. Whether your emergency involves a trauma injury, a lost tooth, or a painful toothache, call on your family dental practice at Lovett Dental Katy for timely assistance.

Sedation Dentistry in Texas

Don’t worry about feelings of anxiety around the dentist. Sedation dentistry is a way of performing needed work on patients that makes it worry-free. Sedation dentistry is safe, effective, and painless. If you decide to have sedation dentistry, you will have a choice of methods. We offer:

  • Nitrous oxide, which is commonly referred to as “laughing gas.”
  • IV sedation, which consists of a mild IV drip that keeps you at ease while your Lovett Dental dentist is performing the dental work
  • Oral sedation is taken in the form of an easily-swallowed tablet before you arrive for your appointment.

With the help of mild sedation, you and your family members can get the dental services you need without the anxiety!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone wants a more beautiful smile. You and your family members can be proud of the way your teeth and gums look. Cosmetic dentistry services include things like professional teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, and braces. When it comes to all of these cosmetic dentistry services, you have a variety of options.

  • Professional teeth whitening can be done in the span of a lunch break. It’s painless, fast, and offers instant results.
  • Dental bonding is perfect for chipped or broken teeth, and no one will be able to tell that your tooth has been bonded. Even up close, the results are natural-looking and attractive. Plus, dental bonding lasts for many years.
  • Veneers are increasingly common as people desire more even, attractive-looking teeth. Veneers are permanently bonded to your natural teeth. Once the process is complete, you take care of your veneers just as you would your natural teeth. And, like dental bonding, no one will be able to tell that you have veneers. In fact, some of your friends and colleagues may already have veneers without you realizing it!
  • People of all ages now wear braces. And there are many styles of braces that you and your family members can choose to wear that are more comfortable and less visible than the older-style metal braces that you may be familiar with. Talk to your dental professional at Lovett Dental Katy to learn more about your options when it comes to braces.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our goal at Lovett Dental Katy is to ensure that your child enjoys a lifetime of optimal oral health. As such, we go out of our way to provide pediatric dentistry services that will make your child feel at home in our dental offices. From the age of six months, which is when you can expect to see the first baby teeth arrive, all the way through adulthood at age 18, your child will receive exceptional, friendly, and professional dental care.

For more information about all of the family dentistry services offered at Lovett Dental Katy, please contact us at 832.662.2852, or contact us online. We’re always happy to help, whether for emergency dental services, general dentistry, or specialized dental services.