Do you have a damaged tooth? A broken or cracked tooth can be painful. Whenever there is significant damage to a tooth, there is the risk of needing a full tooth extraction. This process is done to safely remove the damaged tooth to allow the gums and tissues to heal properly. If you need teeth extractions, we encourage you to call Lovett Dental Katy today. Our tooth removal team can help you right away.

When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?doctors perform a tooth extraction on a patient

When you come in to see our team for dental needs, we do everything we can to preserve your existing teeth and improve them. There are some situations where this may not occur. In situations where it is not possible to preserve the tooth, tooth extraction becomes necessary. Some common examples of when teeth extractions are common include these:

  • Impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • Extensive dental decay
  • The tooth is broken into too many small pieces
  • Infection or gum disease requires removal
  • Overcrowding of the teeth is causing problems

After a full exam, our dental technicians will provide you with insight into what options are available. That includes tooth removal that’s not painful, and that can often be done right away.

How Do Teeth Extractions Happen?

During your appointment, you’ll learn more about the options available for tooth extraction. For most people, our dentists can handle the procedure during your visit with us. A simple tooth extraction occurs when we can remove the tooth easily using local anesthesia. As long as the tooth is accessible and the tissues are not overlapping, simple tooth removal is an option.

Other conditions are a bit more difficult. If the tissue covering the tooth or the tooth is broken into numerous pieces, pulling it out is not as simple. In these situations, we may need to have our oral dentist take the tooth out. This is done through a procedure that may use local or general anesthesia to keep you pain-free during it.

Our team will communicate with you what your options are for tooth removal and how quickly it can be done in all situations. You’ll find that tooth removal in Texas does not have to be as challenging as it may seem.

Restoration and Recovery After Your Tooth Removal

Teeth extractions differ in terms of how long they take to heal. You may feel better right away in some situations and have just a few days to way for the site to close up. In other cases, it can take a few weeks. Tooth extraction procedures may differ, but you will always be given information to support you through this process.

After the recovery, you can come back in to seek our dental team to learn about ways we can help you to replace the missing tooth. You can have a normal-looking smile with one of the many tools and solutions we offer. This may include:

Our oral surgeon can answer all of the questions you have about this process. Teeth extractions do not have to limit your smile. We can often help you have a brand new smile that does not cause pain or difficulty talking. Give our team a call to learn more about the treatments we can offer to you for any missing teeth you have now.

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