Gum disease is a serious health problem. If you’ve been told to seek out more advanced care through periodontics, allow our professionals to be your go-to support. At Lovett Dental Katy, we provide comprehensive periodontal services to help improve your dental health. With fast, reliable support available to you, let us help restore your smile.

patient getting dental work done periodontics katy txWhen Should You Seek Out Periodontics?

Many times, our clients call us because their general dentist in Texas has recommended that they seek more advanced care. Periodontics is a type of dental care focused on gum health and jawbone health. It can include surgical procedures. If you have moderate to severe gum disease, you generally should make an appointment with our team to learn more about the treatment options available.

Do Not Put Off Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease tends to start with gingivitis, a condition in which the gums are sensitive and sometimes bleed as a result of a buildup of bacteria around them. Poor oral hygiene, low levels of saliva, a weakened immune system, and other factors can cause this. Bacteria in the mouth is normal. But if it is not controlled, it can cause significant damage to the tissues of the mouth. For example, it creates plaque, a sticky substance that forms on the exterior of the teeth, too.

Over time, this worsens into periodontal disease, a more aggressive and damaging form of gum disease. This is when periodontics become so important. If left untreated, the bacteria will damage the gums and works its way to the tooth root. There, it will damage and even kill off the root. Thus, without help, you may fact tooth extraction procedures for the removal of the damaged tooth. Other times, the damage is enough to loosen the tooth, and it falls out.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Gum Disease?

If you have the following warning signs of moderate to severe periodontal disease, we recommend coming in for periodontic treatment:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Gums that have pulled away from the tooth
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath that doesn’t get better
  • Inflamed and painful gums

In these cases, general teeth cleaning is not enough to remove the plaque and bacteria present. In most situations, there is a need for more advanced care. Our team can help you with care, such as:

  • Scaling and root planing to remove the infected material
  • Osseous surgery to reduce pockets that form
  • Gum recession procedures to encourage natural growth
  • Tissue grafting for the gums if they cannot grow normally
  • Bone grafting procedures to restore bone loss

By providing advanced care, we can get the bacteria in your mouth back under control. This can help to significantly improve your oral health and your well-being.

What Else Can Periodontics Offer?

Periodontics can do more for you. We often use procedures that require regenerative applications, including ridge augmentations. If you have lost teeth for any reason, we may be able to help you with implant-supported dentures. This falls under our dental implant procedures that use artificial teeth to restore your smile. This can be done if you’ve lost teeth due to periodontal disease, as well as for many other reasons. It all starts with a call to our professionals to learn more.

Treat Gum Disease at Lovett Dental Katy

Don’t put off getting the care you need for dental health needs, including periodontal disease. Schedule an appointment with our periodontics team to learn more about the solutions we can provide to you. It starts with a consultation. So give Lovett Dental Katy a call today at 832-437-6477 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.