Whether it happens at night or when you are fully wide awake, teeth grinding has various adverse side effects. It’s an issue that affects many individuals, and you might not even know that you do it while asleep. Although grinding your teeth may seem like a harmless habit or tendency, teeth grinding can have many adverse effects, especially in the long term.

The good thing is that you can get professional help for the problem, especially if you consult a dentist with experience in helping those who grind their teeth. Learn more about what causes this issue and potential solutions, and reach out to Lovett Dental Katy at 832-437-6477 for an appointment today.

Causes of Teeth Grindingman struggles with teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth is a condition also referred to as bruxism. There are a number of reasons why you might grind your teeth at night, which include:

  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Stress and psychological complications
  • Consuming stimulating substances before sleep

If you experience headaches, persistent tooth pain, or even broken or cracked teeth, it’s possible that you’ve been grinding your teeth at night.

How Bruxism Can Affect Your Oral Health

Excessive grinding of the teeth causes friction, which breaks down the structure of your teeth. The enamel on your tooth is a delicate structure, and grinding your teeth might eventually lead to problems such as hypersensitivity and complete damage to the tooth.

Teeth grinding requires the use of the various muscles in the jaw. These muscles are not used to this amount of activity. Thus, you are likely to experience headaches related to grinding your teeth. The grinding can eventually compromise the functionality of these muscles and even lead to further damage.

In addition, the excessive grinding causes damage to the tooth, which is a body part that has sensitive nerves. It occurs due to the gradual wear and tear of the enamel structure in the tooth.

Exposing or disturbing these nerves can lead to headaches, especially when the issue occurs overnight. The main reason for this is because controlling the grinding when you are asleep is close to impossible. Such people require special prescription fixtures to help stop the issue.

Solutions for Teeth Grinding

If you have been experiencing this issue for an extended period or even the past few months, consider professional help. Your dentist should have the experience and knowledge required to remedy the problem.

Teeth grinding in your sleep can lead to various complications, especially when left unchecked. The good thing is that many professional services are available to help you stop this unhealthy habit. However, it will require some psychological effort on your part and intervention from an experienced professional.

Lovett Dental Katy has a professional team of dentists who can help you address this issue. They provide various dental health services that can help you manage teeth grinding. These might include:

In addition, addressing the causes of teeth grinding can help you prevent further complications. Talking to your doctor about your sleeping habits and any underlying anxiety or stress can help you protect your teeth.

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Issues such as teeth grinding occur due to a combination of different reasons. The most common ones are stress and poor sleeping habits. Plus, it can also lead to multiple issues such as aching jaws or headaches. The best way is to get professional help from an experienced dentist.

If you need help with dental issues as a result of grinding your teeth, reach out to Lovett Dental Katy today at 832-437-6477, or contact us online.